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For those waiting eagerly for news about ‘Deadline Gallipoli’ we have four great pics for you from the shoot, brought to you with very kind permission of Foxtel. Many Thanks! x

These pics come from a great story on

This is what Sam had to say about the project –

“We wanted to do something for the 100 year commemoration of Gallipoli but I didn’t want it to be the old bully beef and slouch hat myth. “We wanted to do something that focused on the whole campaign, which hadn’t been attempted before.

By using journalists (as the central characters) and what they were striving to achieve in World War One, we found a different way in that made it more modern. He (Schuler) went into this almost like a swashbuckler. A tragedy for him would be if his steak was under-cooked or his suits weren’t tailored correctly. Then he is thrown into a situation where he sees what real tragedy is.

When you conjure the word “Gallipolli” it holds a lot of sentimentality and that is something we wanted to break. We didn’t want this to be a history lesson or stodgy. It was thanks to these journalists and push against the system that brought that (evacuation) about.”

Sam Worthington as Phillip Schuler in 'Deadline Gallipoli' - Used with very kind permission of Foxtel

Sam Worthington as Phillip Schuler in 'Deadline Gallipoli' - Used with very kind permission of Foxtel

Sam Worthington as Phillip Schuler in 'Deadline Gallipoli' - Used with very kind permission of Foxtel

Sam Worthington as Phillip Schuler in 'Deadline Gallipoli' - Used with very kind permission of Foxtel

Read the full story HERE

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UK regional film and TV agency Screen Yorkshire has just announced its involvement in the thriller ‘Hunter’s Prayer’ (formerly titled ‘For The Dogs’). The agency has invested $25 million in the US/UK co-production via its Yorkshire Content Fund alongside the Ingenious Senior Film Fund and LipSync Productions.

Filming is due to begin in the autumn and will bring major Hollywood stars and filmmakers to Yorkshire. Filming will also take place in Hungary. Cast confirmed to date include Sam Worthington (Avatar, Terminator Salvation, Clash of the Titans, The Debt) with additional high profile names to be announced imminently.

Hunter’s Prayer will be directed by Jonathan Mostow (Terminator 3) and produced by Navid McIlhargey (Rock’n’Rolla)/Anthony Rhulen (Rum Diary) for Film Engine (US), Chris Milburn (Getaway, An American Haunting) for Midsummer Films (UK), John and Michael Schwarz, Sam Worthington for Full Clip (US) and Paul Leyden.

Based on the critically acclaimed novel ‘For The Dogs’ by Kevin Wignall, the project is adapted for screen by writers Paul Leyden, Oren Moverman, and John Brancato and Michael Ferris.

The fast paced plot focuses on Stephen Lucas (Sam), a lone assassin who is hired to kill a young girl but can’t bring himself to do it. After he fails to carry out the task, both are marked for execution and hunted across Europe. Their only hope is to find out why her family were wiped out and bring those responsible to justice…

Sierra/Affinity is handling international sales.

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‘Hannibal’ star Hugh Dancy is to join the cast of Sam’s WWI miniseries ‘Deadline Gallipoli’, and is set to play British war correspondent Ellis Ashmead-Bartlett.

The Australian production begins filming in Adelaide this week, and is set for a 2015 release on Foxtel to coincide with the centenary of Gallipoli.

Sam is starring in and producing the project which tells the story of the ill-fated WWI campaign from the perspective of Charles Bean, Ellis Ashmead-Bartlett, Phillip Schuler and Keith Murdoch who reported on the events in 1915.

Dancy is the latest of a steadily growing number of big names to join the project, with British stage and screen thespian Charles Dance also signing on along with Fringe actress Anna Torv and legendary Aussie actor Bryan Brown.

Rising Aussie star Jessica De Gouw has also signed on along with Rachel Griffiths.

Deadline Gallipoli is one of several projects being produced in the lead up to the 100th anniversary of Gallipoli.

ABC are also releasing ANZAC Girls which is set to tell the tale of the war from the unique perspective of female nurses who worked on the Western Front and at Gallipoli.

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Filming Begins For ‘Deadline Gallipoli’

Nine weeks of filming for the Foxtel-commissioned miniseries ‘Deadline Gallipoli’ begins today.

The series, which we first mentioned back in June 2012, sees Sam playing one of the lead roles as well as Executive Producing. His Full Clip Productions partners Michael and John Schwarz are also taking on behind-the-scenes roles as Executive Producer and Producer respectively.

The four-hour TV miniseries tells the story of the Gallipoli campaign through the eyes of Australian war correspondents Charles Bean (Joel Jackson) and Keith Murdoch (Ewen Leslie), photographer Philip Schuler (played by Sam) and Britain’s Ellis Ashmead Bartlett (Hugh Dancy).

Charles Dance is due to arrive next week to play the British General Sir Ian Hamilton who heads the British command at Gallipoli, and Sam is expected in Adelaide the following week.

In rehearsal late last week Hugh Dancy said he came into the role knowing relatively little about the Anzacs. In his coverage of the Gallipoli campaign, British journalist Bartlett wrote of the bravery of the Australian soldiers and is credited with starting the Anzac legend.

“I am interested because the focus of this in particular is the myth makers,” he said. “For better or for worse we mythologise things because they’re remarkable and they deserve to be remembered, and also because they’re such horrific events we can’t think of another way to respond to them.”

Winning the role of Charles Bean is a big break for NIDA graduate Joel Jackson, 22, a former musician from Western Australia who made a selfie screen test in remote Karratha using a camera on top of a crayfish crate after a day working in the mines.

Jackson has since read everything he can find about the Oxford-educated war historian C.E.W. Bean, including his diary, and has visited the Australian War Memorial in Canberra where Bean’s papers are held. He says the Anzac legend has helped Australians forge a sense of national identity by providing a common point of history and a story people can connect with.

“Anzac Day for me is the most special day of the year, always has been,” he says. “I grew up in Albany which is where they departed for Cairo and every year my grandfather would tell you the traditions of the Anzacs.”

Sydney-based actor Ewen Leslie has the job of playing war correspondent Keith Murdoch, who smuggled out a letter critical of the British command. Leslie said he had read what he could find about Sir Keith.

“I suppose you take as much stuff as you can and try to put together a picture of someone,” he said. “You bring parts of yourself to him and hopefully meet in the middle.”

Deadline Gallipoli is the third Gallipoli project to come to South Australia in less than a year following the ABC miniseries Anzac Girls and Russell Crowe’s blockbuster film The Water Diviner. The SA Government has invested $618,000 in Sam’s project which will use the Adelaide Studios and locations including Maslins Beach which will double as Anzac Cove. It is expected to give a $6 million boost to the economy.

Other actors to join the shoot are Rachel Griffiths, who plays Sir Ian’s society wife, Bryan Brown as General William Bridges and two Australian actors based in LA, Anna Torv and Jessica De Gouw.

The director is Australian Michael Rymer who, with Dancy, has just finished shooting a season of the television series Hannibal in Canada.

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Sam Worthington’s ‘Soccer Aid’ Pride

Sam Worthington - Soccer Aid 2014Sam has spoken of his pride in being able to take part in last Sunday’s Unicef Soccer Aid 2014 match.

He said he is more proud of playing those 90 minutes of football than he was for starring in Avatar, the highest-grossing movie of all time.

Among other celebrities taking part in the event, organised by Robbie Williams who captained the ‘England’ side, were actors James McAvoy and Jeremy Renner and TV chef Gordon Ramsay.

The match, which was televised in Britain, was held at Manchester United’s Old Trafford, saw the ‘Rest of the World’ team featuring Sam beat ‘England’ 4-2, and raised the equivalent of $A7.2 million.

Sam said it was an honour to be part of the charity match, because it meant he could make a real difference in some way.

“My job is my job and it gives me opportunities where you can be part of something that is much bigger,” he said.

“That’s what you want to do. It isn’t about whether you make movies or make music, it’s about kids who are suffering or dying in these countries. If we can raise awareness, that’s far beyond anything that I’ve ever accomplished in my life. This will be the pinnacle of my life, to be part of something that might actually help the world.”

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